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Center for Health & 社会


The Coe College Center for Health & 社会 (CHS) enables an intentional health focus across the liberal arts and facilitates dialogue on the future of healthcare. It provides advising, 指导, and preparation space for Coe students to explore and pursue careers in clinical healthcare and 心理健康. It also offers opportunities and support for students of the liberal arts to integrate elements of health and care within their area of interest. These efforts result in students who are leaders in a rapidly expanding, multi-disciplinary future of caring for the well-being of others. The CHS also fosters productive relationships with local leaders in health, increases Coe’s reputation as the preferred liberal-arts choice for pre-health prospective students, and helps expand health-related graduate outcomes with improved networks and advising. These efforts lead to a robust, unique educational experience within a thriving community. 

What advantages does CHS allow students during their time at Coe?

  • Points of entry into the healthcare industry, one of the fastest-growing sectors in the American economy that is estimated to add 2.4 million jobs by the year 2029
  • Preclinical academic support, from convocation to graduation
  • Career paths and connections in health, caring, and well-being within any major
  • 个性化的, individual support in outlining and securing a future that fits each student’s background, 激情, 和利益
  • 社区 connections at collegiate, regional, and national levels
  • Connection to resources for 心理健康, navigating college, and finding success
  • A location adjacent to the MedQuarter Regional Medical District, allowing easy access to internships, job shadows and immersion courses

Med Quarter Map with Coe


What majors at Coe connect to health?

Any major at Coe College could lead to a career related to health, caring, well-being, or healthcare. CHS provides advising, builds connections, and facilitates the pursuit of a range of career paths that suit a student’s individual strengths.

How can I connect with the CHS?

Along the left-side of the screen, 菜单下面, you'll find our office hours--there are options for dropping in and making an appointment ahead of time. You may also contact us via email at We look forward to connecting with you!



Assistant Professor of 心理学, 
教师 Co-Director of the Center for Health & 社会



Assistant Professor of 英语,
教师 Co-Director of the Center for Health & 社会 

How is CHS construction progressing?

  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • 幻灯片
  • CHS Window Install

    CHS Window Install

    Photo of the progress on the Center for Health and 社会 once windows have been installed





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