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Thank you for supporting Coe College on #GivingTuesday! 由于你们的慷慨,澳门新巴黎人线路blr为年度基金和校园其他基金筹集了4万多美元. A special thanks goes out to challenge leaders and Trustees Gene Henderson ' 68 and 格伦达沙利文 Henderson ’75, and Ed Walsh ’70 and Bobbi Covert Walsh ’70, who matched gifts one-to-one on Giving Tuesday. Your role is an essential part of the Coe infrastructure, and the Kohawk community is incredibly grateful.

了解更多关于健康中心的信息 & Society

澳门新巴黎人线路blr正在努力完成大卫和珍妮丝·麦克纳利健康中心内空间的最后准备工作 & Society (CHS) to welcome students for classes next term. 退休医务主任 玛丽·珍妮·克罗布, M.D. ’73 从她作为CHS咨询委员会主席的职位上讲到了CHS和医疗保健的重要性.

为了更多地了解更大的利益是如何从科霍克人做他们最擅长的事情开始的, listen to other Advisory Council members Dustin Arnold, M.D. ’91Paula Kocher Barnes ’77, 托尼·帕特森70 and 玛丽卡·威尔逊17年, or visit the CHS webpage.

Science research career community alumni_web.jpg
Science research experts included alumni Makyla Boyd ’22, 阿拉贝拉·张伯伦' 22, Lila Dabill ' 22, Mareena Franke ' 19, Marissa Franke ' 17, 迪伦·盖耶' 22, 佩顿·麦圭尔' 21, 艾米丽·罗伯茨16年和肖恩·西姆科21年.

Career communities bring the real world to campus

澳门新巴黎人线路blr擅长为学生准备和装备毕业后找到充实的道路所需的经验和技能. 这是不可能做到的 创造力、事业、社区, which helps develop and manage Coe’s robust network of alumni, employers and community partners eager to provide Kohawks with civic engagement, volunteer, 实习和工作机会. 这项工作是全国公认的 普林斯顿评论 — Coe ranks 20th for Alumni Network among private colleges and 17th for Career Services. C3帮助学生发现自己的激情和未来的一种方式是为他们提供职业社区的专家.

职业社区是一群相关的职业领域,为科霍克提供信息和社交机会. 在秋季学期, C3 hosted three career community events and invited experts, 既有社区伙伴,也有校友, to talk with students about the field and topics of interest.

第一个以法律、执法和公共服务为中心的职业社区活动. This event helped students understand what their rights are, how to know if they’re being violated and how to respond. Over a dozen Kohawks seized the opportunity within “Justice 101.”

科学研究职业社区活动的重点是“研究生院Szn”,以及如何准备申请过程和研究生水平的研究. 九名最近毕业的校友通过网络与学生们讨论了他们是如何选择研究生院并为他们的研究机会做准备的. More than half of the alumni were from the Classes of 2021 or 2022. They discussed graduate experiences they were currently going through, as well as being a familiar face to many students who attended the event.

This fall’s final event featured the international affairs, 政府和公共政策职业社区,并欢迎ACM芝加哥全球事务委员会的代表. 学生们学习了这个独立的, nonpartisan organization that provides insight on critical global issues, 推进政策解决方案,促进关于正在发生的事情、世界及其重要性的对话. 

C3热切期待着春季学期,届时他们将提供包括自然资源在内的七项职业社区活动, agriscience and environment; art, communication, media and entertainment (ACME); business and entrepreneurism; health sciences; social and helping careers; and data and technology. 职业社区只是C3和Coe为学生实现抱负提供可能性的众多方式之一.



进步办公室希望在新的一年里做出一些大的改变和改进, 澳门新巴黎人线路blr需要你们的意见! 为了更好地为您服务, our alumni, friends and partners who make up the extended Kohawk community, your experiences and opinions are an essential foundation.

请关注您的电子邮件,了解将于2023年1月第二周进行的全校友调查. The survey will be open for two weeks and should only take 10 minutes of your time. Please take this opportunity to share how we’ve been doing and how we can do better. 

As one example of how your experiences will impact real, 直接的项目, 促进办公室很高兴在2023年为校友和朋友建立一个新的在线存在和社区. 它将提供更多的方式与Coe互动,并相互参与,以获得更好的校友用户体验. 澳门新巴黎人线路blr需要你的意见,因为澳门新巴黎人线路blr建立这个网站,以找出如何使它最好的.

国际俱乐部的第49届年度文化展览庆祝了科霍克学生和锡达拉皮兹社区的多元文化背景. The event showcased a variety of performance, fashion, food and drink, featuring 10 different groups of students and even audience participation.



As we look toward the new year approaching, 澳门新巴黎人线路blr知道,那些支持澳门新巴黎人线路blr的人对澳门新巴黎人线路blr的成功和澳门新巴黎人线路blr希望共同实现的目标起着至关重要的作用. 真诚的,谢谢. 你的慷慨对澳门新巴黎人线路blr来说意义重大, and there are many easy ways to support our work during this giving season, as well as benefit yourself and your loved ones.

  • 今天就做一份礼物 — If you want to make an impact and receive income tax savings, make your gift now and see the results in action immediately.
  • 避免资本利得 -如果你担心自己的现金资源不会流失,那就考虑把一件值得欣赏的资产作为礼物. 有价证券的礼物, 商业利益或房地产可以为你节省大量的收入和资本利得税, often exceeding the benefits of a cash gift.
  • IRA慈善展期 -拥有个人退休账户的70岁半或以上的人可以直接从他们的个人退休账户向慈善机构捐赠现金. 如果你是72岁或以上,你可以满足最低100,000元的分配要求. If you have a spouse with his or her own IRA, they can do the same thing if they have reached age 70½. For many people, this is the best way to give, tax-wise.
  • 开始新的收入 -以现金或增值资产捐赠慈善礼物年金或慈善剩余信托, receive a lifetime income and generate a current income tax deduction. You also will bypass all or a portion of the capital gains on appreciated assets, 当你去世的时候, 剩余资金将归科所有.
  • Leave a legacy — There are many simple ways you can support Coe College through an estate plan. 通过遗嘱或信托条款的遗赠是你能做出的最简单的礼物之一. You can make a bequest of a dollar amount, 特定资产, a percentage of or the residue from your estate. 受益人指定就是简单地将澳门新巴黎人线路blr指定为您拥有的资产的受益人, 比如退休账户. Most people like the fact that these are revocable and can be modified at any time.
  • 混合你的给予 -为了更大的影响力, consider a gift today of your IRA distribution, real property, 增值资产或现金, and complement it with a gift in your will or estate plan. You benefit by seeing and knowing you are building a legacy that will grow.

澳门新巴黎人线路blr有许多方法可以帮助您实现慈善目标,同时享受税收节省和收入优势. Visit www.alumni.mrshaydenworld.com/waystogive 或致电319与澳门新巴黎人线路blr的礼品专家联系.399.8278.



澳门新巴黎人线路blr知道年末对于高中生和他们的家长来说是一个忙碌的时刻——因为一个学期即将结束, holiday parties and application deadlines. That’s why we created a convenient way for students to learn about Coe! Encourage a future Kohawk in your life to join us during a Crimson & 黄金虚拟访问日开始 12月17日星期六上午10点在舒适的家中. 

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On November 17, Coe concluded our On the Road Again series of events with President David T. Hayes ’93 by taking in a Minnesota Wild hockey game. 感谢难以置信的慷慨 Ken Golder ’82 and Suzanne Roe Golder ’82, 超过30名科霍克球员聚集在Xcel能源中心的一间套房里,观看狂野队对阵匹兹堡企鹅队的比赛. 尽管狂野队的实力不足, alumni had a wonderful time reminiscing and sharing in a great evening.

期末考试的每个学期, 目前Coe学生的家长和监护人有机会在他们的学生学习和考试时发送零食包和私人信息. 这些期末包是由学生校友会(SAA)组织的,是一个重要的筹款人. The SAA disburses money to students on campus via their Emergency Student Fund, and fundraisers like finals packs help make those efforts possible.

在秋季的所有事件之后,信使的最新版本在这里! Physical copies were mailed in the final week of November, and you can also read the online issue any time. 《澳门新巴黎人线路blr》每年出版三次,是校友获取信息的最佳来源之一, 在读学生的朋友和家长.

澳门新巴黎人线路blr科的所有人都很感激能成为科霍克社区的一员,这里有这么一群优秀的校友和朋友. We hope that your winter season is full of joy and relaxation. The Office of Advancement will be closed from December 23, 2022, to January 2, 2023, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the new year. 节日快乐,科霍克们!